Couture Process


An open minded approach to the design process will produce an exquisite one of a kind gown, confirming that there is simply no substitute for a couture gown. Beginning with a blank canvas allows for impeccable tailoring to every brides requirement with strict attention to detail. Each couture piece reflects an individualised work of art.

8 Months Before.

Inspiration. Design. Imagination

Meet with in-house designers for your personalised sketch and quote. One on one, our aim is to map out silhouette and discuss ideas and fabric choices. This is done by exploring different shapes on your body and working out the most flattering lines for your curves.

At this time we look at inspirational photos to help create your final look. Upon deciding to move forward with the process we shall lay out a timeline and take your measurements.


A sample gown constructed in calico forming your silhouette. This is the first glimpse of your gown and adjustments to proportion and cut will take place. Your bridal shoe height comes into play and allows us to see the balance of your gown. Our aim is to finalise design ideas- confirming your components, lace and colour. This pattern is then used to cut in your chosen fabric.

First Fitting.

Your gown is now constructed in your chosen base fabric. Bearing in mind the proceedings of your design, your couturier will tailor this base. Fit adjustments are established. At this time we will reconfirm your choice of embellishment.

Second Fitting.

Preparing the embellishment of the gown. Moving forward in the process of fine tuning your design, all the while checking your silhouette and tailoring to your shape adjusting to any changes in weight.

Third Fitting.

Design components begin to come together, your couturier continues to reshape your gown perfecting the lines and fit on your body. Any additional design features may be implemented at this stage. (Sleeves, extra beading, belt, etc) Your gown now emulates a finished product..

Final Fitting.

This is four weeks before your wedding. Marking your buttons and finalising your gown. Finishing touches such as a custom veil or headpiece are constructed and pick up arrangements are made.

Completion & Pickup.

Our schedule aims for pick up approximately one to two weeks before your wedding day. To ensure the morning of your wedding runs smoothly we will require at least two members of your bridal party to attend to demonstrate a dress rehearsal.

Your couture gown is now completed, pressed and packaged.