Frequent Asked Questions

I just got engaged, when should I come and see you?

Couture gowns require an 8 month construction time and our Ready to Wear gowns typically have a 7 month order time. We find starting your search one year before allows enough time to comfortably shop for your dream dress.

Do you only go by appointment? Can I just come by to look?

We only work by appointment to view and try our range.
As we share our time between both the store and the workroom, we need to book time aside to show you through our collection. Even when wanting to browse.

Do you charge for your appointments?

We offer a free of charge 30 minute consultation to try our Ready to Wear collection.

To try the Made With Love collection- $30
One hour consultation to try from all collections in store- $50
Couture appointment, one hour inclusive of sketch and quote $50


Do you allow photography in store?

We do not allow photography in store unless you have purchased the gown. We provide photos online of our gowns for your perusal. We ask you remain respectful of our service in store and not attempt to disregard this.

Can I bring friends and family with me?

Absolutely! However, we are a smaller boutique and have space for a maximum of three.

Why do I need an appointment to try on dresses?

We share our time between our workroom and the store and therefore need to schedule accordingly. You will also need assistance to get in and out of gowns.

My friends and family live elsewhere and I'm in love with a gown but I don't want to make a decision without showing them?

We understand having family overseas can be difficult when planning your wedding. We do not allow photography until you have purchased the gown, however, we are happy to organise a 'Skype' or 'Facetime' session ahead of time. Please consult with staff.

I live regionally, can you accommodate for me?

We are more than happy to schedule fittings around flights and travel plans. Depending on the gown you have selected, we may be able to condense your fittings to save on travel costs.

Do you do international brides? I live overseas and I'd love a couture gown.

We ship our gowns all over the world, sometimes the design will dictate certain logistics but please do email to enquire for full detail.

Will you ship gowns interstate?

For sure! As long as time permits and shipping costs are covered- we are more than happy to work with you.

How much can I expect to pay for one of your couture gowns?

As our couture gowns are tailored and designs and fabrics differ to your requests- the price point also follows that principle. However, they typically start from the $5000 mark.

How much can I expect to pay for one of your Ready to Wear gowns?

Our Ready to Wear gowns typically sit within the $2000-$3000 price point. Alterations are additional to the cost of your gown.

My wedding is sooner than the 7 month order time can you still help me?

We can most definitely still secure a beautiful dress for you! The process is a little different, and it will depend on which collection you are liking- however, you still have options with samples and rush orders! Just ask staff in store.

Will you make my bridesmaids gowns?

In order to focus on our brides, we exclusively create wedding gowns. If you chat with staff in store we would be more than happy to recommend a few places to help you out with bridesmaids!

What size gowns do you carry?

As we assist in the trial of gowns we can tailor the size on your body, however, our average sample in store is a size 10 AU. Upon ordering the gown they are available up to a size 26.

I just purchased a beautiful Ready to Wear dress- what happens when it arrives in store?

As soon as your gown arrives we will call you and book you in for a trial. As stated in your contract- we do require you to pay the balance and collect within 2 weeks of arrival. We will also schedule you in for your alterations closer to the wedding.

How do alterations work?

Typically we fit you one month prior to the wedding, speak to your consultant for any requests to modify your gown and to receive a personalised quote.

When should I start looking at headpieces and veils?

We recommend finalising your decision at your fitting stage, once you have your shoes and your vision is starting to become a little more complete. We do have stock in store to try at any stage in the process.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, except AMEX. Alternatively bank transfers and cash are acceptable.

What should I bring to my fittings?

Please make sure to bring your shoes to all fittings of your Couture or Ready to Wear gown- if you are coming in to see us for the first time and have not purchased a gown, this is not needed but please do bring with you any photos or ideas of dresses you like.

Can I modify your gowns?

Absolutely. Please enquire with your consultant of anything you'd like to change. We welcome a personalised creative approach to our gowns.

Can I select different colours?

Ready to Wear gowns are limited to certain options, however, with Couture gowns (when we are making from scratch) we have complete control to select any tone you desire.

Do you sell any dresses off the rack?

Absolutely. Please enquire with your consultant. We usually have a range of sample sale items that are readily available to purchase.

What is your policy on wedding cancellations or postponing?

In the unfortunate circumstance of a cancellation please see your consultant. You will need to pay the remainder on your account as per your contract and collect your gown. If you are postponing your wedding, the same principle applies, you will need to collect your gown upon its arrival if it is a Ready to Wear gown, otherwise, for your Couture gown we may be able to halt production.